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 The main difference between Oilsinc.and other oil companies is our remarkable delivery service,we specialize in offering our customers a tailor made service plan and get the job done with out any delays .Our services have been a key factor in keeping our customer happy and proofing that we go the extra mile to make sure that the oils are delivered on time .Over the past 15 years we have introduced  many others services to add value to this business,and to help our customers use our products.Here are a few Same day delivery ,2hour urgent delivery,free delivery to CBD,lube assessment ,maintenance service plan,product equivalences,oil analysis,on site filtration and transfers,fuel transfers.

One of main products being hydraulic oil,we offer Oil transfers and filteration .[mobile unit]

This increases our efficiency when delivering bulk orders

Gives our customer less to down time,peace of mind.

Filters the oil at high speed 90Lt per min through 2 barrel 3 micron filters ,cleans the oil while transferring.

Saves time therefore saves money.

Our company believes in SERVICE,if there is one thing that we can do to make a difference to make our business stand out is good old fashion service which deserves a certain amount of win scenario .

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